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Cheapfaremart LLC, based in Orlando, FL 32835, US is an online travel company that enables people and businesses to explore the world. We are a team of travel enthusiasts, digital marketers and tech junkies committed to make your travel planning easier and more cost-efficient, the trip comfortable, and the resulting experience rewarding and unforgettable.

Take advantage of our intuitive and user-friendly website to find the lowest airfares for the domestic or international flight of your choice. However, our journey doesn�t end up with you getting your flight tickets booked. It extends beyond that. From knowing the flight status and the weather condition to boarding the flight itself, to getting access to an array of flight services and, eventually landing back to your home, Cheapfaremart is here to help you with all.


At Cheapfaremart, we endeavor to achieve the following missions.

  • To make the best flight deals available to you
  • To safeguard your interests
  • To save your invaluable time and money
  • To go the extra mile to solve your travel problems
  • To serve you with a smile so that you relish the moment beyond the trip

Harnessing the latest web analytics, we collect priceless business intelligence. This helps us in customizing our offerings and doing the right job matching your growing expectations.


Striving to become the reason for you to smile, at Cheapfaremart, we are focused on achieving visions as follows.

  • Become a brand of value and reliance
  • Serve stakeholders with respect and trust
  • Nurture brand loyalty
  • Become a sustainable role model

Core Values

Employees at Cheapfaremart, irrespective of their hierarchies, work together as a unit to delight customers. Here are the belief and values that inspire us to adopt the unconventional way shattering the ceilings.

  • Integrity
  • Respect
  • Responsibility
  • Corporate governance
  • Stewardship